learn HTML

6 Reasons Why You Should Learn HTML!

Well, if you’re wondering that why you should choose to learn HTML? Then also think about the most natural question of why you learned to cook when you can order food every day, or you can pay a maid to prepare it for you? Well, HTML is the Hyper Text Markup...
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Increase the battery life

Increase the battery life of phone with this app!!

When comes to the phone, our first focus goes to the battery life of the phone. And it is pretty apparent if the battery will not remain then what we will do on the phone? Everybody on the earth knows about the one of the famous version Android 6.0 named as...
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Floating Action Button

How to add Floating Action Button?

What is Floating Action Button or FAB? You can’t imagine Android without buttons as they are mainly used to perform actions. The Floating Action Button is same, but it is used for expanded actions, i.e., you can offer many operations. This multi-tasking button...
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Material Design

How to code for Snackbar?

Snackbar, a fantastic tool for Material Designing. Well, if you are here then you have already know about it and Material Designing. If by any chance you don’t know then you must refer to my previous articles for the thorough information: Toast and Snack bar...
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platforms to promote website - hyphenible

5 Best platforms to promote Website

Creating website isn’t a tough task anymore, you can easily create websites/blogs. You can choose any platform to start off. You can also check out this Blogger Tutorial. But if you already have a website or blog, then you might be searching for websites and...
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How To Add Web Push Notification To Blogger Blog

Have you come across we push notification on popular websites like Pinterest, Facebook, Softonic etc? Most probably if you have a website or a blog, you might also be thinking about adding a web push notification service. No issues! If you have WordPress, no worries,...
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Material Design

How to code Toast and Custom Toast?

Well, I suppose here that you already know about Toast and Snackbar and hey, if you don’t know about them you can refer to my post: Toast Vs Snackbar Well, before going to the coding part, I recommend you to use Android Studio for your application as Eclipse ADT...
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image design tools

7 Wondrous Free Image Design Tools to Create Images on Your Own

Are you making the mistakes we had made a few years ago? We started a blog a few years ago, and like others we were excited. When we get to know that images play the crucial role in an Article, my teammate and I started designing images on our own and were using most...
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Material Design

Toast and Snackbar? What to choose?

Well before eating the toasts and snacks. I want you to answer my question. So, tell me what’s in trend? Don’t start to give me evil eyes :P, I just wanted to tell you about the ever trending thing and that is Replacement. I believe, Replacement is the key...
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Most paid programming languages - hyphenible

7 Must-Learn Programming languages to Earn Money in India

Every programmer searches the questions like Which is the best programming language to learn in 2k17? Which is the highest paid language in 2k17? Even, I have searched about the best programming languages, and this motivates me to write an article about the must-learn...
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